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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Drakes Take Care review

Mr. Battle Rap hand himself comes through with a classic. Drakes sophmore album has done some real good numbers 800k and counting. The album has plenty of features with Wayne, Ross, Rihanna, Andre 3 stacks, Nicki Minaj and the apprentice The Weeknd. The album starts off with Over My Dead Body. Favorite line from it "as long as the outcome is income". Another song on the list is Lord Knows featuring Ross, Just Blaze did the production in it shows how much of a heavyweight track this is on Drakes resume. HYFR is a track with Wayne that shows Drakes versatility that his flow has evoled into something more than on his first album "Thank Me Later". With his apprentice The Weeknd on the track Crew Love very sensual track that shows his appreciation of where's he's at at the moment with a young female. He also has a track with Rihanna (that #2 chick) Take Care dope track kinda sounds like that track he did with Ye called Find Your Love in my opinion. Then of course we got Drake talkin about the past in Look What You've Done about how him and ex were. Overall the album is great show complexity, vulnerability, and most important growth. Drakes Take Care album sounds like a solid 4/5.

Take Care........Farewell


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