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Friday, November 25, 2011

Mixtape Friday - DJ Greg Street X DJ BJ X Dusty McFly "Buffies&Benihanas"

Let me start off by sayin man I love my city. My city has the livest artist, the livest videos and the livest parties. I say this because this mixtape has all 3 in one. Detroit native Dusty McFly is a guy everyone has to respect because dude literally came from left field with that "I'm Out Here" track, because us in Detroit know what it mean to be "Out Here". The mixtape is fire dude has swag and the level of hype to ride him through the ranks of hip hop. This is what I can say about the album that people will enjoy "This that music you be in yo whip and light that L play the CD from beginning to end rollin down Woodward".

Download it here

And for those of you who havent seen the video yet well take a look


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