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Monday, November 21, 2011

Wales Ambition Review

Wale's Ambition is the album I've been waiting to hear. Wale hasn't had an Album in about 2 years and a hand full of mixtapes "The Mixtape About Nothin", "More About Nothin", "Eleven One Eleven Theory" and "Attention Deficit" and continues to impress me. Now here comes Ambition with arrogance, swag and quest to reach the top. I can say that I am a little bias when it comes to Wale cuz I feel as though dude had a hard road ahead of him since his first album to shake that pop look that he was stamped for after a song with Gaga. Not saying Wale sold out or some other stuff but Wale has real raw talent and good to see he still has the #Ambition. The album starts of with "Don't Hold Your Applause" Probably my favorite line in the whole album.

"Inspired by women, niggas say that I treat em different
Niggas be bithces, hoes be bitches, I don't see no difference
Shawty my aim is different, DC my English iffy
Solo I be but I'm on my feet, I got these angels with me
Tired of making money, I'm on to making history"

Then Wale drops some fire on the track "No Days Off". The has so much arrogance and grind flow on it. Dude shows hes talented and that nothin will stop him because it no days off for Wale. Check the line.

"I use to sleep hungry in the bed next to roaches, now I wake play a beat and burn a couple roaches, permanently focused"

Also some RnB joint with Ne-Yo, Jerimiah and Miguel. Now whats a MMG album without the 3 headed dragon named Rick Ross and his teammate Meek Mill with "Ambition". This track is very serious to the point it growth, ability to hold ones own and showing wordplay. Wales album Ambition shows growth and understanding of ones self in the rap game. Ambition 3.9/5.

Ambition is a way of life!


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