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Monday, December 19, 2011

Blu & Exile x Give Me My Flower

The 5th annual Okayplayer Holiday Jam went down last night, so in typical fashion I woke up on my living room floor this morning with more questions than answers. I was definitely expecting this to be the worst day ever, until I checked my email and saw what Blu just sent over… a new Blu & Exile LP. Let me repeat that, a new Blu & Exile LP. Recorded in 2009, here is give me my flowers while i can smell them. Let that title marinate for a minute. These dudes have been making some amazing music for years now, and much of it for free. In my opinion, they both deserve much more praise than they’ve received, but for now you can give them their flowers in the form of a $15 purchase. If you need reassurance that it’s worth your dollars (it is) you can stream it HERE.


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