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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cool Kids: BG The Ice Berg Louisiana

Yo check this out got an email from a guy on Twitter about posting his music and hes from Louisiana. I havent had the chance to listen to his music but if he me up he must believe that he hell be able to compete in the ring of champions some day. Check my mans sites out and @BGTheIceberg. Oh and hes got a solid backing too so the flow must be there.

Check it out and let me know


BG The Iceberg is a 21 year old rapper & producer hailing from Louisiana. He began rapping at age 13 & started producing a little over a year ago. His lyrical content and originality has helped him build a buzz locally. Set out to prove that the hip-hop scene in Louisiana is more than meets the eye, he is currently working on a new mixtape called Full Focus 2, that is slated to drop soon.

Facade is an all too common story told from a 1st person's point of view about learning to watch those close to you.


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