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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cool Kids: @Huxordie x The Huxtable Life Virginia Beach, VA

So once again here's the #9 #CoolKid I ran into working on the magazine. A funny dude with a #Fly name for business. When looking at different clothing brands you look for something fresh, unique something you think the other guy ain't up on yet. I get a lot stuff from stores and online shops but this dudes site is really sweet. He's getting a lot of touches out here, by that I mean recognition. Hux is def popular out near Virginia Beach none the less nigga prolly got a beach house too, #Bass. When you see the site you look at it and it's pro as hell with all the ads available as well as the layout itself. This shows that he takes his job serious. It's funny when people say they don't have jobs or don't have some type of dream they want to accomplish. I say to them "get up, get out and get somethin". Because for me being only 23 with the ambition of a magazine, Mik3y and Todd as rappers and Hux as a designer how could you not find something your good at, turn it around and make a business out of it.

The site has all of the things you look for in a site. A cart to buy stuff, images that are crispy, detailed descriptions of what the sit and full content. Hux is gonna be bigger than what is now and I'm talkin Supreme, Diamond supply big you wait and see. Here's to art at its finest. Check out the interview after the jump.
Alius: Where is the company based out of?
Hux: Virginia Beach, Va

Alius: What inspired your work?
Hux: I've been a big time sneaker geek since the eary 90's, sketch artist as well. Always wanted my own brand representing myself and what I stand for...success. And at the end of the day who doesn't want to follow that? blah blah blah, I could go all day with this shit. Damn I gotta stop cursing.

Alius: What does the name mean?
Hux: Taken from the mid 80's "Cosby Show" of course. You had Cliff & Claire Huxtable, who were very successful and had a long line of family members following behind them. The Huxtables success passed down through their children like it was hereditary. Alot of people always follow the negatives, thats simply because you don't see alot of Cliff's & Claire's running around now a days. The Huxtable Life wants to be the game changers. We have teamed up with a number of organizations to help with donations. We also want to give back to our communites and create tees that give people a quick history lesson. Did you know half of the young teens out here skateboarding right now don't even know who Harold Hunter Is?! What the hell?! That's just an example of a history lesson, and if you don't know about Harold, Google that.

Alius: What other ventures are you working on?
Hux: Some Pinky & The Brain top secret shit right now.........I cursed again. What are your goals in life?

Alius: Taking over the world and eliminating all cornballs.What does Fashion mean or stand for in your eyes? Hux: Fashion was falling off for a minute there....thak God for the underground. Fashion is life bro, what you wear is a reflection of you and what you represent. A big problem now a days is that everyone is spending cake to stay fly and can barley afford it, instead of wearing what they can afford. But like i said, that's a reflection of you and what you represent. .

Alius: What is the fashion game missing the most right now?
Hux: More Huxtable Offspring

Alius: Where do you and the company plan on being in the next 5 years?
Hux: Reaching out to the masses with our brand. Also sitting on the front porch sippin Kool-Aid with Allius Mag, talking about when we did this interview and how far we have come since then. Oh Yeah!!!!<Kool Aid Man Voice> .....haha, u like that lil catchy ending huh? Hux Life, no need for all the extras. If you like it....WEAR IT!


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