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Monday, December 5, 2011

Cool Kids: @IamMahd Detroit, Michigan

So as usual you know me for blogging about sneakers, shoes, hats and sometimes music thats in rotation. When in Detroit you listen to everything and everybody a like, the selection of music here is endless. I like to see my city thriving off the nightlife of when everybody come out to a show supporting unsigned and signed artist. On Twitter I came across this guy named @IamMahd from Detroit. Went to his site and heard his songs "Our Year" and "She Here" and it was #Dope this guys has a flow. Oh and that "Pretty Ladies" track #GoHard. The porduction value is of definetly high quality sound and mixing. A lot of people craft the flow but dont have a producer, I call that playing the 2, and thats what makes all rounded music. Crafting your flow is an art as well as the words that come out of your mouth. Without practiing, hard work and dedication you dont have a future in this cut through industry called Hip-Hop. Mahd has found out to manage and stay above the competition by this alone. @IamMahd in heavy rotation. So I asked him for an interview for the magazine and his exact words was "How you wanna do this?".

Check out the interview after the jump

Alius: Where you from in Detroit?
Mahd: I'm from that west side of the D. Puritan Ave to be exact.

Alius: What category is your music? 
Mahd: I've always said I'd never put myself in a box. U can't categorize my music because I can do any genre. I'm just Mahd. 

Alius: What does it sound like?
Mahd: I would say my sound is a mixture of everything I've heard coming up. From old school R&B to Detroit hip hop to rock and pop. All blended together. 

Alius: What does your music mean?
Mahd: My music means everything to me because it's an expression of what I've been thru. I'm basically telling my story. So my music means everything to me. 

Alius: What other ventures are you working on?
Mahd: I have a lot of different avenues I want to and will tap into. Right now I'm just solely focused on promoting my music and my brand. Everything else will fall into place. 

Alius: What are your goals in life? 
Mahd: My goals are simple. To get paid doing something I love, feed my family & enjoy life. Live stress and sucka free. 

Alius: What does Detroit mean or stand for in your eyes?
Mahd: I can talk about Detroit forever. It's kinda like the rise and fall of a city but people are still thriving and striving for the best. I wouldn't want to have come up anywhere else in the world. You make it here you make it anywhere. 

Alius: What is the rap game missing the most right now?
Mahd: The rap game is missing real rappers right now. Sad to say. The music game has went from being about music to being about business. It's all about who can sell. So a lot of so called rappers aren't concerned about being the best rapper but how much money they can make. 

Alius: Where do you plan on being in the next 5 years?
Mahd: In the next 5 years I'll be in some major recording studio making more greatness. Staying on top of my game. 


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