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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kicks Of the Day: Patrick Ewing Rogue II

Fresh out of Georgetown, the first round pick and NCAA Champ Patrick Ewing inked a deal with the three stripes, but after only a few years he broke off to do his own thing. Patrick Ewing formed his own line of footwear and accessories under the umbrella of Ewing Athletics Company Ltd. that was distributed nationwide, but never caught on quite like the shoes the number 3 pick in the ’84 draft (MJ). The brand stuck around for several years producing what are now vintage heads gems, but at the time were seen as skippies to many.

This pair is the Ewing Rogue II that many would argue was a take off on the Air Raid or Air Jordan 8 with the cross straps and even a Jordan 4 style lace tab near the ankle. For those who know their Ewings, the Rogue I came in several color ways, but the black/red/purple was very similar to that of the Jordan 7.

Despite the troubled sales that eventually led to the falling out of this brand, there still is some beauty to these shoes including the speckled wavy midsoles and large contrasting logos on the tongue and heel. As with everything beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Check em out 

Patrick Ewing Rogue II Black/Purple Throwback Thursday Patrick Ewing Rogue II Black/Purple Throwback Thursday


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