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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tate + Yoko Store Opens in Montreal

Take Yoko Montreal Denim Store-01

TATE + YOKO is a new Montreal-based menswear boutique focused on primarily on quality craftsmanship. In store you’ll find a selection products from cult Japanese brands such as Studio D’Artisan, The Flat Head, Momotaro, Eternal, Oni, Kamikaze Attack and D# as well as the founder’s own Paulrose Products and Naked & Famous Denim lines. Channeling the 40s and 50s aesthetics many of these labels are inspired by, the shop itself is fitted almost entirely with vintage industrial fixtures and custom metal piping, hangers and racks. As owner Brandon Svarc says, “wood is for pussies!” In the change-rooms you’ll find walls lined with Young Romance comic book pages. On the back table, a mix of hard-to-find catalogs and magazines. And in the old Pepsi cooler, fresh Ramune soda. Certainly a unique retail concept that you must experience if in Montreal. Also of note, Tate + Yoko worked with Canadian boot maker Viberg on three exclusive pieces of footwear including calfskin and Horween leather styles that are available now.

Tate + Yoko
9069 Boulevard St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec

Photography: Pete Williams/


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