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Thursday, December 22, 2011

V Magazine: The Queen of Hip Hop Spread

V Magazine: The Queen of Hip Hop
In their latest issue, V Magazine worked with iconic fashion editor Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele on ‘The Queen of Hip Hop’ fashion spread, fusing the high and low.

“A French fashion editor, Carlyne’s pioneering stories at magazines like American and Italian Vogue laid the groundwork for what would ultimately become the epitome of “street chic.” For proof positive of this impact, look no further than the cover of American Vogue’s November 1988 issue. Photographed by Peter Lindbergh, this was not only Anna Wintour’s first issue at the helm of the magazine, but the arrival of a bold new style.This was Parisian high style mixed with America’s street-inspired sportswear, put on blast. The marriage of high and low continues its thread in the renowned editor’s work today. “I was the first to pair a Chanel jacket with a pair of blue jeans,” she says. “This is what I call the ‘Cerf style.’” For V75 The Music Issue, Cerf de Dudzeele and Sebastián Faena pay homage to the women who continue to inspire the evolving movement of hip-hop style in Queen of Hip-Hop.”
Photography Sebastián Faena
Fashion editor Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele

We feel like a lot of the ground-work that has been done by her, is being displayed on our site every day. We report about everything from a Louis Vuitton backpack, Nike sneakers to Supreme caps, simply because that is the reality of style today. Hardly anybody exclusively sticks to one specific look, but over time tends to mix things up.
Check out ‘The Queen of Hip Hop’ spread after the jump.


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