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Monday, January 2, 2012

Editors Letter: To A New Year

I like to wish everyone a happy new years and a wonderful beginning to a new year. Its been a crazy ride in 2011 for everyone and for us as well. We just started out as just a idea in our heads and then became a reality. Chilling with the crew on new years eve made me realize how many great things is going on in peoples lives from music, increase in financials and also being recognized more and more around the city. This brought a smile to my face and everyone who this is happening to. I realize that every new year should be an opportunity for us to gain more than from the year before. I really believe that we should grow everyday but this shows progression in us as humans that we can evolve into something better. We should always be trying to progress, push, want, even fiend for more in life than just being comfortable. When I write these stories I feel like I'm giving a part of myself to people and hoping that in a good way I'm effecting someones life for the better. Our magazine again shows content from around the world and also directly related to our city. I show my city off like its a new pair of J's Ima love Detroit till the day I die. I cant wait for someone to get their big break from being on my site or saying that they got radio play because they mixtape fell in the right hands. I know 2012 is gonna be bomb for people with real life goals that they are gonna do their very best to make them a reality. I don't like getting on soap boxes but seeing that my city is in dire need of a leader I feel as though that I need to reach out to the city.

My progression, my new years resolution/resolve will be to be MORE GIVING in 2012 no matter what. We don't know how to give in this day and age. We only take and people suffer when people take everything from someone. If any one knows I know and I lived it. Trust me I've been down before and needed some help and literally came out the clear blue sky like GOD knew I was gonna need it that day at that time. This should be everyone's solution in 2012 to be more giving and understanding of your mate and friend. Happy New Year from us @AliusMagazine!

Watch out 2012 #Detroit #WEOUTHERE!!!

Check out these pics from the party and video of the "The Motto" we speak and live by. (sorry about the pics was a little #TeamWasted) S/O to @FameFresh @D-Mo @Aim @P8tience @Nova @Ace @iRock @B.Lee @TheWholeGrindFaceFam and @NoSpeakerz and also to the Beautiful and #Ratchet hoes that came out!

This Girl Here Showed Her Tits.....Yeah It Got #Ratchet


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