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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cool Kids: Alex Collins Faded Penguin Detroit, MI

We don’t set trends, we don’t follow trends, we just do us that’s why we’re F.A.D.E.D.”  

Alex Collins is a kid from Detroit with the dream of having his own clothing line and it came true with the line called F.A.D.E.D.. Its one of Detroit's underground labels that's coming together with a big hype behind it. We've seen stars from Curren$y, Mac Miller, and even Ochocinco himself with it on and that's to name a few. When I first saw Artie The Penguin I was intrigued by the style and the quality of the hats and the shirts. These days when people say they want a line of clothes they should first and always without a doubt look in to quality because I've noticed a lot lines not having quality products. They fade, shrink, and are not durable at all. I got the chance to purchase the G.O.A.T. series tee and let me tell you Detroit it's #FlyAF! I cant wait to get some more from now one of my favorite lines that's in my home town. These guys are going places and I hope we get to see some dope collabs from other companies such as Burn Rubber or even BBC! I got a chance to catch with with Alex on Twitter and we got to chop it up dude was really cool about the whole thing. Check out our interview with the FADED Kid Alex Collins after the jump.......

Alius: How did it all start?

Alex: I’ve always been a fan of fashion from sneakers to clothes and even accessories. I was in then 6th grade begging my mom to buy me BAPE haha. It happened so random, my partner (Lamar Williams) and I always looked up to his brother/my cousin Roland. He has a dope boutique called Burn Rubber in Royal Oak MI. Just being around that environment all the time really first and being introduced to brands that I’ve never heard of really first inspired me personally to even think of a brand. We just graduated High School like a week before coming up with it. One day Lamar and I were just joking around and came up with the name F.A.D.E.D. and just went with it. We knew we had a vision for style so we threw our name in the fashion game and the rest is history.

Where is the company based out of?

We’re based out of Auburn Hills, MI. For those that don’t know the area (you will soon) it’s about a half hour from Detroit.

What inspired your work?

A couple things inspire me. My bro Jerm helps with a lot of the designs we create. Life, music, art and just ideas I think are cool. One thing that inspires me is when I see other brands that I respect drop new things. I think to myself “wow they just dropped a dope tee, so I got to think of three dope tees” my competitive drive keeps me going. It’s funny some of my best ideas so far came so random, like when I was doing math homework our cleaning my room haha.

What does the name mean?

F.A.D.E.D. is an acronym Fresh All Day Every Day. But it’s so much more then some may think. We don’t mean your “fresh” because you rock LV, Diamond Supply or have all the Jordan’s. To me being “fresh” means your comfortable in your own skin. You can rock fishnets stockings and wear those disco shoes with the fish in em, and as long as you like it that’s all that matters….you’re F.A.D.E.D. The penguin really sums it up, as we all know penguins are birds that can’t fly. Even though they can’t fly they’re still a bird ya know? We’re all the same even though we can’t do or aren’t into the same things.

What other ventures are you working on?

We currently have a few drops in the works that’ll be here soon for the penguins out there! We really have a great fan base in our area; we’re trying to start expanding and getting recognition in other states and countries.

Favorite kicks?

I’d have to say my favorite kicks would have to be a tie between the Air Jordan Flint 12s/13s and the first Chad Muska Supra Skytops!

Favorite Designer line? 

My line haha. But of course the ones that got me into fashion BAPE and BBC. Then 10. Deep, Kiks Tyo and I am a big fan of The Hundreds.

What are your goals in life?

I’m a real simple/mello guy. My goals are really to finish college, make my brand a household name like The Hundreds or Diamond Supply for example. Of course open our boutique (more then one if possible) and have it be successful. I want to be able to get a dope loft with a room full of sneakers and a beautiful Asian wife haha. Finally prove all the people who doubted my team and I wrong!

What does Fashion mean or stand for in your eyes?

You ever see a skate video how all the tricks just flow like poetry? Fashion is kinda like that with a mix of dope artwork to me if that makes sense? It’s an extension of who you are. Being able to create my own line and seeing some of the moves we’ve made is a true blessing and shows me I can do it if I keep going working hard.

What is the fashion game missing the most right now?

Two things, “heart” for one. I say that because to me it seems like a lot of people are making brands because it seems like “the thing” to do. They don’t really know about it or like fashion or have the passion for it, they just want to make a buck. But hey that’s just my opinion. And second F.A.D.E.D. and the brands we mess with including Good Dank Co., O.A.K. Apparel, Lifted Mentality and Sole Individual!

Where do you and the company plan on being in the next 5 years?

We plan to be in the second or third year of running our store and more of a global level. I hope by 2017 I can say we’ve collaborated with some big names like 10. Deep, Burn Rubber, The Hundreds etc!


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