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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fiending for Sneakers

The one word I would chose to describe gym shoes on a woman definitely wouldn't be sexy, however more and more celebrities are rocking wedge gym shoes and making them look sexier than ever. This style takes me back to the Aaliyah x Tommy Hilfiger campaign when she was so happy and carefree in her baggy jeans and crop top and men still found her appealing. Ciara bought chill style back with her debut in mid 2000, but now celebrities like Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Tiny just to name a few, are wearing wedge sneakers with ease, but making them look hot at the same time. Perfect to wear on a lazy day or even to dress down a night look, these shoes definitely make me want to put aside some money for a pair.

Check out the pics after the jump.......


Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

  Beyonce and Alicia Keys both sported a similar pair of these $725 wedge sneakers by Isabel Marant.

Courtesy of Polyvore
    Tiny was recently seen out and about supporting her man wearing these $270 sneakers by Ash Trainer.

If these prices will put a big dent in your expenses, here are some less expensive options courtesy of Polyvore.

Nine West Original Sneakers, Lana Wedge Sneakers $95

Nine West Original Sneakers, Les 200 Wedge Sneakers $75

ASH Bowie Wedge Sneaker Apple Suede, $225

ASH Bowie Wedge Sneaker Black/Suede Canvas, $225


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