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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rah Digga x The N*gga In Me

We rarely get female rap artist on our site that come out the barrel like this and really say what they mean and not back down from it. Check out the track The N*gga In Me after the jump.....

Via: The Well Versed

"I didn’t make this record for press purposes or for hype cuz that’s not my thing. I got wind of various artists referencin me in a negative fashion. They poked fun at me I’m just pokin back. Its all sport to me. I wish em all the best, they just need to understand who is off limits. MC Lyte is off limits. Rah Digga is off limits. Respect those who kept hip hop raw so that we could still have a culture or get a first hand lesson in a lyrical ass whoopin. Love is love."


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