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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trending: Outline Manicure

With spring in full effect (although it doesn't feel like it) we have been trying to keep you up on what's trending, we have basically covered shoes, jewelry, and clothes, next up is nails. The hottest trend right now is the outline manicure that you can easily do yourself. Read more after the jump....

This type of nail art will make you stand out and is definitely the feature presentation of spring. It's basically just using contrast colors; the darker color is the outline and the lighter color is the majority of the nail. Black and white is the most commonly used colors, however you can use any colors and even use rhinestones, glitter, and other art to really make your nails pop. To create outlined nails just paint your nails as you regularly would and use a nail art pen or small nail design brush, or a regular nail polish brush if you are brave, to outline the nail. Here are some examples to motivate you to try this sick trend:


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