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Monday, June 11, 2012

Pure Michigan Bread Showcase @ The Shelter 6/10 Recap

What is considered underground these days? People say it's when you have a little buzz, a couple thousand followers, you do a couple local shows and you don't have a MAJOR record deal. What's interesting is now a days we consider that making it or groundbreaking in and of itself. What I mean is that rappers are making a living off mixtapes and not albums anymore. They can make money off these shows, make a couple more tracks and say "I Made It". When your artist who does a couple shows now your a guy looked up too amongst your peers as someone who has made it but should still have a hungry work ethic. This showcase showed just that the people without major record deals getting the attention and the notoriety that they deserve.

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The night started off like any other had some OE, Old English, and a couples of those Kvsh planes. Me and #TheStaff went down to the event thanks to @MCityJr. Major props to him. We get in and its all ready a party going on @DJSkeez313 had the crowd interacting, also seen @Six_Two working as usual. As The night goes on my man City got to perform, which you can see his videos, and had the crowd hype AF. Next we had @OffRip come through and perform his hit single Don't Show Up When I Blow Up. His set was awesome and did about 3-4 songs.
Next we had Grand Rapids @WillieTheKid came through and performed a dope set with BASS! Then to our surprise @JonConnorMusic showed up totally unexpectedly and performed a freestyle and one track. Next came out @MaeDay came through with a freestyle and finished her set off with 2 songs. Next one of my favorites is @OhShitRoSpit who came on and was on 10 tellin people "I will not perform if people don't come to the stage! I'm not palayin that shit!" Hahaha man but he had a great performance and one time for thr guy that gave Ro a beer. And last but not least ya boy who we all came out for was @BoldyJames and of course he had them bangers from the Consignment. I had a great time thanks to everyone that came out and now I see what underground really is. It's when you show your hometown why you have that buzz you have, why you have those couple thousand followers and are waiting for that big break because of your work ethic.

Peace x Love


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