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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

@RichyMarciano x ReflectionsII Mixtape Review

I dont think Ive ever seen an artist push their mixtape so hard and have SO MUCH LOVE from the city, friends, family support, change AVI's, and even Instgram the hell out of a mixtape ever in my life. This was a mixtape that I really enjoyed from start to finish. One thing can be said is that Richy is scared of being seen, heard, or even speaking his mind and it shows on this tape here. My favorite tracks are Problem Child x A Time When x Rolex Watches and Channel Bracelets. Man this guy Richy is gonna be the next big thing if he keeps moving like this and pumping out music like this because again I think everybody and my mama loved it! Richy keep doin you G and you cant go wrong bro. For those who havent heard it or dont have the link hit the jump for it...........

Cool Zone x #CMC!
Download: Richy Marciano - Reflections II


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