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Welcome to Alius Magazine Marketing and Advertising page for information on how to promote your company with us in the most effective way possible. Our marketing team has a big following behind them and are affiliated with the artist and designers we cover in the magazine. The companies that choose to use our marketing and advertisement expertise will have their name seen and heard by numerous people from all over the states.

We have a wide variety of content we cover from fashion, music, shoes, concerts, and lifestyle articles which gives your company the opportunity to have your brand spotted out by our users across the states.

Pricing Sheet:

We do more than promote our clients. We create relationships with our clients and show them our creative/signature style of advertisement with Alius Magazine that gives you the peace mind you've been waiting for. Spamming is not a form a promoting or advertising and is very unprofessional. We at Alius give you a sense of security, that safe feeling when your putting your product in our hands and we start your marketing campaign. We have packages also that are tailored specifically to your company's needs and budget.


General Admission $99
Email distribution to other websites, blogs etc.
Basic Ad desgin and placement on AM
Press Releases and Write ups on Ad's and products

Backstage Passes $150
Advance Graphics design for Ad's, Flyers, Business Cards, Cover Art Etc.
Flyer/Product distribution in various locations around the Metro Area
 Referrals to clubs, radio stations, and DJ's around the Metro Area
Extra 14 day promotion
*Includes General Admission Package

VIP Passes $250
Ad placements on affiliate sites, Twitter and Facebook page
Connections with certain artist for your promotional needs**
Photo and Video promotions
Extra 30+ day promo
*Includes Backstage Passes Package

**Varies on what you exactly you need the artist to promote

Please send all serious inquiries to our Advertisement email address :

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