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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cold As Ice

S/O to @Cracki11as Tumblr page

Graffiti Mario

#Dope art work S/O to @pinkeggsandspam Tumblr page

Nike Air Force 1 '07

Nike Air Force 1 '07Yo saw these at the mall and I think I saw my Christmas gift lol. These shoes are #Dope with the suede and the on em they cold as hell yo.

Check it out here

Nike Air Force 1 '07

Air Jordan "Winterized 6 Rings"

Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings
Checkin out one of my favorite shoe site,, and saw these bad boys for the winter. "Winterized 6 Rings", the color scheme is Burgundy and "what they call" Lion Grey. The bottoms look like Nike boots.

Check it out

Air Jordan Winterized 6 Rings

What's in the Bag?: Good Wood NYC

So you know me once again roaming sites people give me or just in general putting random shit in Google. Come to find this ridiculously #Dope ass accessory site called "Good Wood NYC". This company desings are sick. They do all type of custom work and its just amazing the intricacy, detail and craftsmanship to the individual pieces of art that they design. The company has been around since 2007 and they've been designing there pieces in their workshop in Brooklyn, New York. I cant wait till get my piece just ordered my Large Mystery Bag so hopefully its something dope then I'm gonna get a custom piece designed and see what they say. As soon as I get it I'm gonna post it.

Pharaoh (Natural)
Check it out here

And here's their Custom Archives

Dia De Los Muertos

Cool Kids: Kid Tef Detroit, Michigan

While chilling at my crib listenin to the #TakeCare and #Ambition, #Dope albums by the way, I was going through my boys blog that I work with and stumbled upon his mixtape. I went through it and was like damn that's Tef? Next day I went to work and we got the choppin it up about his mixtape, life, fashion, and the state of hip hop now. Tef is a real down to earth cat that's got a lot drive, motivation, and great potential to be part of the new school breed of rappers. So I asked him if he was interested in doing a quick interview with me he said and I quote "fasho fam that's what's up". Haha

Check out the interview

Alius: Where you from in Detroit?
Kid Tef: I was born and raised across the street from Motown Hitsville Studios. so you could say Zone 8. I started rapping when I moved to Joy rd in the 11th grade.

Alius: What category is your music?
Kid Tef: My category of music is not even a category. I would describe it as real music. On "The Bad Bitches and Comic Books" joint I have real concept songs that your everyday regular street nigga can relate to, but I still got them songs where you can play em around ya girl and not feel disrespectful. I also feel like my shit is just inspirational music cause I aint talkin about no bullshit.

Alius: What does it (the music) sound like?
Kid Tef: People say my album is the first album they can rock to from beginning to end and thats what I set out to do. Make a REAL ALBUM. I'ts more of a smooth album, I like to refer to myself as the new A Tribe Called Quest. Like the social conscience rapper with a pistol on his side in a louie belt.

Alius: Hahaha Swagg
Kid Tef: Yeah like you gotta check out the "Im cool" track where basically we talking about how fake everything is nowadays. Titties, ass, cars, jewelry etc. Like keep it real if you cant afford it don't front.

Alius: What does your music mean to you and others?
Kid Tef: My music means the world to me. I am an Artist. People try to be alot of shit that they aint and some people try to run from who they are. I cant run from what I am and I am an Artist.

Alius: What other ventures are you working on?
Kid Tef: My other ventures include a management deal with "Nati Celebrity Services" which is Dmx's publicist. My websites & and some other things I cant really speak on at this point but Im always about my money.

Alius: What are your goals in life?
Kid Tef: My goals in life are high as shit. Like I want it all like Scarface/Tony Montana, but really just feed my daughter and keep niggas in my ear like "yeah when you said that on this it made me feel like this". For me thats the best shit in the world because inspiration is so reciprocal.

Alius: What does Detroit mean or stand for in your eyes?
Kid Tef: In my eyes Detroit is my heart it made me what I am even with this music shit. Like I said I grew up in the ghetto across the street from Hitsville studios and I remember Michael Jackson came and it was the most incredible thing I ever saw. I mean people from all over followed this man to the ghetto, I mean people from all over the Earth.Thats Motown thats Detroit.

Alius: What is the rap game missing the most right now?
Kid Tef: The rap game is missing albums that you can listen to from track 1 to 14 and its missing quality and taste.

Alius: Where do you plan on being in the next 5 years?
Kid Tef: Rich living my dreams and blowing kush on the beach.

Heres the link to his mix tape "Bad Bitches and Comic Books"

Happy 400 views!!!

Thanks again everyone appreciate the #Support for #Detroit!


#Swag on a million   

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nike Air Max Jr. "Eggplant"

Yo these shoes is #HARD. Air MAx Jr's have been kinda floppy on the color scheme but this one pans out great. Nike Air Max Jr. "Eggplant" color is #Dope it shows the intense-ness of the shoe and really shows off what Nike was looking for, color scheme wise, in this shoe. Oh and for people who don't know these them Griffey shoes, Yes Ken Griffey!

Check it out

Amazing Portraits of Jay and 'Ye Made Out of Tacks

Harlem-based Andre Woolery is a master of thumb tack art. His portraits of Jay-Z and Kanye (appropriately named "The Tackover" and "Tacks on Tacks on Tacks") render the throne holding rappers in perfect detail. Woolery's also All About the Benjamins and a fan of the legendary Jimi Hendrix.

Cool Kids: Nuw 3ra Baltimore, Maryland

So I'm starting this new section in my blog called Cool Kids. It showcases young talent around the cities I've been too. The newest and first to grace the pages is a young group from Baltimore, Maryland called "Nuw 3ra". They got some hot stuff and seem to have a great following in there hometown so I wanna give a big S/O to my niggas Nuw 3ra.

Check em out

Bio: Nuw 3ra started as a group and grew to become a movement. From Baltimore, Maryland the rap group consists of three members: ‘Chai, Prophecy, and Mooda’. With a unique new flow that brings new insight from the views of the streets of Baltimore. They all bring different point of views we can all relate to. It may be street life or the struggles that we all face. Nuw 3ra is the new face of hip hop and the young group is promised to amaze you with too many different styles that we all can feel.

Check out our media links
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Starter Makein A Comeback With City Snapbacks

So Complex Magazine, best magazine in the world, just realeased pictures of Starters Snapbacks repping major citys my thing is where's #Detroit in the pic?!?!

Check it out

The Thrones Recording Area

Heres a picture provided by Pitchfork and DefJamRecording Tumblr pages showing where Kanye and Jay-z did  some of the #WTT recordimgs at looks very simple yet intricate.

Jordan Melo M8 "Christmas"

Yo so BREAKING NEWS lol so with the NBA back in session just in time for the Christmas holidays @Jumpman23 and @Carmeloanthony has this #Dope ass Melo M8's dubbed "Christmas"

Check it out

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