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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cool Kids: Nuw 3ra Baltimore, Maryland

So I'm starting this new section in my blog called Cool Kids. It showcases young talent around the cities I've been too. The newest and first to grace the pages is a young group from Baltimore, Maryland called "Nuw 3ra". They got some hot stuff and seem to have a great following in there hometown so I wanna give a big S/O to my niggas Nuw 3ra.

Check em out

Bio: Nuw 3ra started as a group and grew to become a movement. From Baltimore, Maryland the rap group consists of three members: ‘Chai, Prophecy, and Mooda’. With a unique new flow that brings new insight from the views of the streets of Baltimore. They all bring different point of views we can all relate to. It may be street life or the struggles that we all face. Nuw 3ra is the new face of hip hop and the young group is promised to amaze you with too many different styles that we all can feel.

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