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Monday, December 26, 2011

Cool Kids: @PrinceofQMB Chicago, IL

I meet a lot of artist these days that say they wanna be at the top of the world and be that real deal. When talking to @PrinceofQMB he told me he just wants to be #Legendary. When he said that I knew that this was gonna be a great interview. This guy is def #CoolKid certified to the fullest. Talking to his manager @William"Bucks"Arrington When listening to #Swagon and #Problem I was like the shits #dope dudes got a lot of room to grow and hes showing us his progression in his music. I can see when an artist has something on there mind that they wanna tell us and M-O is that type of dude who wants to tell us whats going in his life and how he wants to be portrayed and also remembered in his city. Coming from Chicago and doing music must be hard because you have to compete against greats such as Kanye, Common, Lupe and Sir Michael Rocks. I know with honing his craft and finishing school like he said his name will be #Blasted in lights at a sold out concert. Mad props for doing it right and not taking the easy out by having that back up plan which is always the right plan. I asked him would he be interested in a interview he said "name the time and place".

Here some tracks here


Swag On Fire 

Alius: Where you from in?
M-O: I was born in Jackson, Mississippi but now live in Chicago South side.

 What category is your music?
M-O: I feel as though my music so unique that I just consider it a blend between Hip-Hop and Rap.

Alius: What does it sound like?
M-O: My music sounds very urban. Touch on a lot about whats happening in my hood and how I came up in the world.

Alius: What does your music mean?
M-O: My music to me gives off a positive feeling for people. In my hood I'm the voice of the streets and I don't wanna be considered as a one sided character in the game I call life.

Alius: What are your goals in life?
M-O: Really man I just wanna finish college and get a degree ave something to fall back on.

Alius: You are the first person to say that EVER!!!
M-O: Yeah I need to provide for my family by any means. I wanna be a legend in the game, make boss moves and to be my element in the game.

Alius: What is the rap game missing the most right now?
M-O: To be honest the rap game is not missing anything it's just going in a different direction that people aren't ready for. People aren't use to change and when it happens that's when you get haters and people who don't really know how to broaden their horizons.

Alius: Where do you plan on being in the next 5 years?
M-O: On tour make more music and hookin people up with jobs.


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