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Monday, December 19, 2011

Fresh Mondays: Golf Wang Lookbook

While Odd Future’s creativity and strong ideas in the music world catapulted the talented collective to fame in 2011, Tyler, the Creator and other members have long expressed interest in other forms of design. On this note, Odd Future recently christened their Golf Wang Pop-Up store on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, which is open through early January. Now, the group has released a full collection lookbook for their brand GOLF WANG, titled “Holiday 1991,” which features an array of graphic items, accessories, skateboard decks. Most of the collection was designed by Tyler himself, the highlights of which include a set of all over print shirts, ‘OFWGKTA’ skateboard decks, and an embroidered ‘Golf Wang’ Hat. For the time being, most of the items in the lookbook are only available at the Fairfax brick-and-mortar shop, however Tyler hinted on his twitter he may be open to the idea of placing some items on Odd Future’s online shop in the future. 


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