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Friday, December 23, 2011

Mixtape Fridays: NoSpeakerz x Fame Fresh x Cloud 22

Havent been here for 2 weeks but as always I do provide the streets with new-new as always, so lets jump into it. OK so Wednesday I got to meet a group of producers called @NoSpeakerz incl Bee Lee, Mo, iRock, Fame Fresh. These dudes do everything form Fashion, Music, Videos and they rap #Jackofalltrades. I did a little research on these guys and they're legit. They've gotten a chance to taste a little bit of the pie we call success by placing 2nd in the nation @ Red Bull Big Tune competition in Chicago. Next was on tour with Detroit's very own Obie Trice. They even got a video wit dude at the crib drinkin, talkin shit and how NoSpeakerz produced the whole damn album #dope. Another thing i saw was an interview with iRock, Bee Lee, and Fame Fresh over @ 107.5 (Formerly 102.7) @ShortyDaPrince. They explained to him how the team came to be, Future projects and also there talents individually including how they can produce and rap, which is very rare this day and age with artist. Also in my research I found a couple of interesting videos which show them on the day to day basis iRock makin beats, music videos, and hilarious infomercials. These guys do it all and I'm honored to have hung out threw up a #JonElway and a #LarryBird and some drank certified #GoodNight.

@FameFresh #Cloud22 mixtape is def #dope AF make sure yall download it cuz its real smooth. #Sailabitt and #LightLife with Drey Sis def my favorite songs on the LP. Another banger is #CoonLife too. Fame Fresh is a real dude speaks the truth and clearly doesnt give a fuck about what a nigga think. I did an impromptu interview with him I'll release later once the next LP come out called #CoonMusic. Check out the album cuz the shit is a banger. Here's that song #Sailabitt and #LightLife.

Make sure yall ask when #CoonMusic comin out, he'll appreciate it. hahaha

Download #Cloud22 >>>HERE<<<




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