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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cool Kids: @BDOUBLELZ Columbia, SC

Unlike a lot of people on Twitter I actually talk to my followers and I came across one of my followers who I saw hungry and on his grind. So I hit him up so I could check out some of his material. Not knowing what to expect I listened to his music with no pre-judgement and to be honest he has a lot potential to make it in the industry. I've learned a lot from him as well he is not your typical cliche artist that offers nothing but catchy hooks and banging beats.

So check out this dope interview and a track with @BDoublelz after the jump

Marlo: First let me start by saying thank you for taking the time out to do this interview.
B Double: Thank you for having me. Its my pleasure to sit down and talk with you.

Marlo: So let me start by asking you how old are you because you look very young no offense.
B Double: (Laughs) I look young? Naw I'm 25, I'm getting to old I gotta slow it down some how (Laughs).

Marlo: (Laughs) Yeah, I get that a lot too I guess we are blessed. I hope I never age to be honest with you!

Marlo: So where are you from?
B Double: Columbia SC born went to school in Augusta GA.

Marlo: What is the culture like there?
B Double: Well its the south so you know its all about rims and stunting. Marlo: Lol Yeah sounds like Detroit!

Marlo: What made you want to become an artist?
B Double: I didn't like the music that was being pushed on the radio, so I said to myself "let me show the world what good music really is."

Marlo: How long have you been doing music?
B Double: I have been doing music since October 2007. That's when I realized that I couldn't live off of Military money forever.

Marlo: So For you how was your experience in the Military?
B Double: Boot Camp was off the chain (Laughs) I loved it as time went on. The Military as a whole though is just like any other job. You come to work and do what needs to be done and go home.

Marlo: Are you going to talk about your Military experience in your music?
B Double: The most I will do is put a line or two on some Military stuff, but as a whole I don't think so because a lot of the terms and life style things won't cross over well because eighty percent of my listeners won't know what I'm speaking of.

Marlo: If you do categorize yourself musically what would be your lane?
B Double: My musical lane would be the "True Artist Lane" because I do mainstream, hood, and pop music. I also engineer, write and organize all of my music.

Marlo: Who are some artist that you would like to work with?
B Double: Young KALIF, Chris Brown, Uncle Luke and R. Kelly.

Marlo: You mentioned that you are a mixing engineer, that takes a lot of skills and a good ear. What made you want to learn how to mix?
B Double: I wanted to learn how to mix because the engineers I was dealing with had poor work ethics. Always late on projects and always had an excuse for why they haven't worked on my music.

Marlo: What do you love more recording or mixing a song?
B Double: I would say mixing the song only because I get to play with instruments, EQS, compressors, gates etc. I'm like a kid in Toys R Us when it comes to mixing.

Marlo: Who are your biggest influences musically?
B Double: I like all the old heads because they did there own thing and made there own style from scratch. So I'm saying James Brown! (from Augusta GA)

Marlo: Being an independent artist do you find it hard to advance in your career?
B Double: Hard is an understatement! But anything worth having is going to be hard work. So I actually enjoy the hard work because that and actual talent is what separates me form the competition.

Marlo: What's the hardest thing to deal with being independent?
B Double: Hardest thing to deal with is not being taken seriously!

Marlo: Yeah I feel that bro I hate when people think what your doing is a joke that's when you have to bust their heads by making moves.

Marlo: A lot of artist now days get in the game for the money or to get them out of different circumstances. How do you feel about that?
B Double: I respect that 110 percent because everyone has to eat and nothing in this world is free.

Marlo: Which means more to you the money, fame or success?
B Double: Success means more to me because with success money and fame is to follow if you want it to or not.

Marlo: If you could pick any label to go to where would u go?
B Double: Universal or try to get under 50's label because 50 got that business mind that a lot of artist are missing.

Marlo: Would you ever sign a 360 deal (selling your soul to a label)?
B Double: Naw no 360! I say that because at the end of the day your fans make you who you are and I have the means to push my own music and get show money with out a major label. The label will need me more than I need them. So if I was to ever sit down and have a meeting it would be on some 50/50 talk.

Marlo: My last question for you is who are your top five rappers dead or alive?
B Double: 3000, Luda, and T.I. that's my top three, but just to be fair my last two are Wayne and Kanye.

Marlo: B Double I appreciate you taking the time to sit down with me and give me this exclusive interview! I hope you have much success in your career.
B Double: Anytime hopefully not my last.


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