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Monday, January 23, 2012

No Speakerz x Est. 88 Presents: Fame Fresh x Coontastic Pretape

So here it is people, well just a couple tracks, NoSpeakerz & Est. 88 presents Fame Fresh Coontastic Pretape. I must say I've been waiting to hear his for a while, almost feels like I've been waiting on Jeezys TM:103 all over again, (No begging tho). For people who don't know Fame first the he's cool peoples and second his music is definitely classic. Me and Fresh talked a lot about the music he makes and his caliber of musical talent against some of these mainstream rappers out. The interview is coming soon and will be presented when Coon Music comes out. It's starts off like another Fresh mixtapes with a intro song, this one is called Coontastic. This one one for the books giving us a little taste of what's to come with Coon Music. I really enjoy listening to Detroit artist music they are really a versatile culture in hip hop and other genres as well. When speaking strictly music we have a army. I'm just waiting on the "leader" of the army to take control and break into mainstream radio and video.

S/O to @FameFresh @RecipeGangFamily @NoSpeakerz and just everyone from that camp yall niggas do work and yall show great work ethic.

Oh and Fame #YourWelcome #KobeSystem hahahaha

Coontastic Pretape my people take a listen!!!!


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