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Friday, February 24, 2012

Mixtape Friday: IIKings (CrackKillz x Zamar) x IIKings

I met these guys at @MCityJr Release party and I don't think they realized it. Which is cool because first impressions are everything for artist by showing me how personable they are and showing me are they really serious with this rap thing. Before this they sent me there mixtape 'IIKingz'. I found epic and wanting more which is a feeling I dont get often unless it's just that awesome. Check out the mixtape review on 'IIKingz' after the jump.

"I Work Hard I Use My Mind, My Brain Is Sharp And So I'm Wise, I Use My Heart As My Guide, I'M A KING I STAND WITH PRIDE"

Your mixtape is your job interview. When you try and send it into to record label they're are looking for something different and also captivating. If your music isn't up to par they wont even give it any attention. That's Fact. Me being the voice of the streets and also having editorial integrity I listen to it and give it my honest opinion. When you send your mixtape to me it's a shot at a spot my magazine. IIKings has a spot on my magazine permanently. When first laying hands on the mixtape I took a listen and instantly I was hooked instantly. I really rarely say this but this should've been an album. This mixtape is a diamond in the rough. When the intro drops, 'IIKings (Dis Dat Shit)', the THX sounds hit you and you know your getting ready for something epic. Whoever came up with the concept of this 'Ima King' track deserves a high paying job to think, haha. One the beat is ridiculous and then adding a concept of 'Ima God Who Like The Finer Things' dope, #HD. the lyricism of these two together is just not even fair it really sounds like Chuck x Mike on Super Saiyan 3, haha. Really these dudes have talent that's being over looked and is just what the industry and Hip-Hop needs. Then listening further 'Labor Law' has a bubble gum, club sound to it but still has that Hip-Hop feel to it. The skits lets you know more about their movement, what their about and also what plan to accomplish. Two of my favorite tracks are 'Renaissance Revolution' and 'Pharaoh In the Flesh'. 'Pharaoh In The Flesh' has a Electro and a hint of Dub Step sound to it. Which is different and dope because its only so much music you can make with the same sound effects in it. If I could ride to any song it would be 'Renaissance Revolution' because this track make me feel like a KING! When I first heard it I swear I said 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!' haha. I could probably go into detail about each of there songs but it'll be to much to write. I'm just gonna drop a couple songs names for you to look out for 'Down With The Kingz', 'Empire', Clicker', and 'Basquiat Crew'. This is a mixtape thats in heavy rotation and that I'm going to tell everyone about because #HD it's just that fucking sweet!

Check out their music streaming down below


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