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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


When I first heard the term, “Cardigans and Cigars,” I was immediately taken back to the early 1960s, specifically the heyday of the Rat Pack. Humphrey Bogart. Frank Sinatra. Sammy Davis Jr. Some of the greatest entertainers of our time whose style and poise was emphasized by the mere sport of a simple cardigan sweater or the tug of a smoke-filled cigar. Many Alius readers may not understand the nostalgia of this type of style…the class…the charisma…the individuality of this type of fashion. Other readers who are caught up on the history of men’s fashion (or who watch “Mad Men”) may in fact understand what this particular trend did for the professionalism, authority and refinement of men during that time period. Regardless, it is a style that is still mimicked to this day, not so much in physical appearance but in the inherent message that a man brave enough to demand attention with his mere style of dress sends to those around him.

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Fast-forward over 50 years, Kevin Jones and Victor Nunez of San Jose California join forces to create a clothing company that isn’t afraid to take risks and set its’ own trends. A clothing line that is indeed fashioned after the everyday man, but that is also stitched and hemmed with quality, style, and originality. The name of this company is undoubtedly “Cardigans and Cigars,” a tribute to the fashion icons and tastemakers that acted as a prelude to this new age of design. The beauty of C&C clothing is its’ ability to invoke confidence, encouraging anyone and everyone who is wearing a C&C piece to be the center of attention in any surrounding. Although Cardigans and Cigars does not literally sell cardigans and/or cigars, the style of their line is very similar to the authenticity that old school dressers like Sinatra once conveyed to their audience. Items like the “Skull Gang” hoodie or the “Capitalism” tee shirt pushes men’s fashion outside of the box oozing risk, charisma, and audacity.
The company officially became available to the public March 19, 2012 with the launch of its’ website, Since C&C’s inception, responses have been great with two styles already selling out, and with buyer demand at such great heights, the creators at C&C are now preparing to release yet another piece of fashionable individuality, the limited edition “Cocaine Cowboys” snapback. The snapback will be released on Friday, April 6, 2012, and C&C will only manufacture 75 pieces. To purchase the limited edition “Cocaine Cowboys” snapback or any other piece of Cardigans and Cigars merchandise, please visit their site at Cardigans And Cigars. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


  1. Thanks for showing me this brand! Good looking product. Waiting for that snap back!

  2. Cardigans & Cigars is by far, undoubtly one of a kind that will not only set a new trend for 2012 but for the turn of the century. Any man that wear this unique style and quality brand of clothing will definitely create a lot of attention and confidence no matter what event he must attend.

    Great job on your new brand and CONGRATULATIONS on your success!!!

  3. Most Fab & Congrats to your future success!

  4. Fresh gear my man, thank you for introducing this to the world!

  5. Just got mine today ;)


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