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Monday, April 30, 2012

Alius Magazine Presents: Jeremy Cornelius: Creator of Jer DeCor

Jeremy Cornelius, creator and CEO of Jer DeCor, a fashion modeling company is surely making his way to the top within the fashion world by becoming the next Miss Jay without the Miss, representing 67 models and launching his very own clothing line this summer. I had the pleasure in interviewing Jeremy after meeting him at the Ephiphany fashion show last weekend in which Jeremy a self-taught runway coach, taught several models how to walk. Read more about Jeremy and his company after the jump......

Jeremy, 25 had a vision that dates back to highschool of embarking upon the world of fashion. By not letting his uncertainty or fear deter him he decided to follow his passion. While not being sure on how to capitalize in the fashion market initially, Jeremy began to surround hisself with more fashionable people and those of his similar interests. In 2007, Jeremy had a revelation and decided to start his own modeling agency, Jer DeCor, a catchy company name with the syllables from his first, middle and last names. After the trade name became tangible, the launch of their first official photoshoot to promote his company was developed, the beginning of Jeremy's climb to success. 

Me: What does fashion mean to you?
Jeremy: "Its not style unless its fashion first"....Fashion has a structure. A style is a look based off of one's perception, fashion is the actual drive for style.
Me: So, can you be stylish without being fashionable?
Jeremy: Yes and No...."You need to be on the next trending move"....The 1920's was my favorite era. It was classic. Style is more so an opinion. You can't just pull whatever with whatever and call it a day and thinks that's fashion.

Me: How would you define Detroit or your hometown of Flint's fashion?
Jeremy: Detroit has great potential, but Detroit's mindset is not fully open to the main industry. What I've noticed in Detroit fashion shows, its the same thing, not all but some shows. Alot of the fashion shows believe they are of the industry standards but they are far off from the main industry. Alot of models here are freelancing with no agents and they get screwed over because they have no proper representation. Some of the models do not have a sense of commitment and double book themselves. In jumping from casting to casting, you miss rehersals or you show up late. Some not all models have poor attitudes and they think that the show is about them and not the clothes. There should be a concensus.

Me: What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?
Jeremy: The jacket I wore at the Ephiphany fashion show designed four years ago. For my 25th birthday recently, I decided to reconstruct it by removing one sleeve.

Me: What makes a model "hot"?
Jeremy: Their swag, look, walk, personality and attitude...It really depends on what you are looking for: print or runway.

Me: Who are your favorite local models to work with?
Jeremy: My top 3 female models are: Yaya, Carole Ann and Markita. Yaya has a great runway walk and overall great print look. She is industry standard height. She's always real and tells the truth no matter what. Carole Ann, I've known for three years, she's a great walker and runway model (she has transformed from her first audition's walk to the walk she has now). Carole is also reliable.
Markita tells the truth, and she is my most commited model. She does well at runway and print and she's at every rehersal.

My top 3 male models are: Dejuan, Vincent and Curtis. Dejuan is one of my best print and runway models. Vincent actually intimidates me. His walk is 99.9% synonymous to my runway walk. The intimidation comes from him being a natural runway walker at the age of 18. Imagine where his walk will be at 21. Curtis has a good walk and takes good pictures but what I love most about Curtis is he is honest, faithful and reliable.

Me: What are your ultimate goals?
Jeremy: My ultimate goal is to be the world renowed and highest payed runway coach.

Me: What are some of your favorite fashion websites, magazines or clothing stores?
Jeremy: I love all things Vouge and Express clothing store.

Jer DeCor Models from left to right above; Markita Tims, Sparkle Anderson, Draleeca Patteson, Gracia Johnson, Shanitha Richards, Paris Ward. Photo taken by Tamieka Hall-Suite 211 Photography.

Me: What is your personal style?
Jeremy: "New York chic"

Me: What matters to you most as a fashion designer and runway coach?
Jeremy: Detail

Me: Where or who do you get your inspiration from?
Jeremy: Jelly of Jelly's World Entertainment, the epitome of a promoter, Runwayrox, who was the first person this year to give me a runway lesson and lastly my inspiration and strength comes from every trial and tribulation I have overcame.

Me: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
Jeremy: Patience, consistency and to never give up! I was once homeless and I lost my mother on mother's day of 2009 and my father 8 months later. I have also lost a brother and other close relatives since the time of my mother's passing. In experiencing those losses I also have sickle cell disease but I still persevere through it all.

Me: Wow. I am sorry that you had to experience all of those losses! I do not know what I would do in your situation but in hearing your story I realize that there is no exscuse for me! I am confident that you will be the success you are meant to be!

Me: Where can readers find out more about you and work?
Jeremy: I'm always looking for models, you can find me on
Facebook: Twitter: @jedecor
Everyone please support this talented individual this August and experience "Captivating The Beauty Within, To Bring The Change Without" where Jeremy will be launching his highly anticipated clothing line! Stay tuned and follow Jeremy and Jer DeCor FMC for more about his fashion show and clothing line debut!

Image Via Vince Hollaway


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