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Sunday, July 8, 2012

#MotownIndependence 7/6

So yesterday, on one of the HOTTEST days in Detroit, Live Nation has a concert at Detroit's mecca of Hip-Hop St. Andrews Hall. The show was called Motown Independence and the performers were @Zelooperz x @Retrofamous x @ViaMarz1 x @JohnHenry x @OhShitRoSpit x @EarllyMac x @SayItAintTone x @DustyMcFly41. It was a great night for Detroit Hip-Hop to be showcased and have all this kind of different talent under one roof. One of the first acts I saw when I got there was @ViaMarz1. They Performed Julius Swervin x Dirty Kush amongst others. Next was @JohnHenry and of course in his outlandish gear and also dancing Russian style hahaha. After that one of my favorites @EarllyMac got on stage and did his thing. He performed Juice x Gentlemen. Then @SayItAintTone got on stage and was on 1,000 even before he got on stage. He performed Bad Mama Jama x My Closet and his new single with MGK Can I Live. Then last but not least @DustyMcFly41 came in literally 1 min befor he had to perform and shut that shit DOWN! He performed his hit I'm Out Here and the remix. Then did motivator which is my favorite song flat. It was a good night none the less and I got to see Detroit srtist come together for an event and shut the city down. Check out the pics below.......


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