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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Motorcity Maz (@_Zamar) Presents: #TheMotorclub 3

Friday August 10th was probably one of the best days of hip hop any blogger can ask for. @_Zamar invited us to be apart of #TheMotorclub 3 with him and other known artist in Detroit. Because I enjoyed it so much I decided to talk it about here on #AliusMagazine. Check it out after the jump.......

While getting ready for the event with host @MCityJr. I reflected on other times I went to events like this one, but they were far and few inbetween. So I told city you expect it to rock? /he says " Hell Yeah!" Once we got there I started spotting out the crews immediately from IVYLC, VVE, The Raiders, The Treeleaders, and Dream Setters. I was excited to see everyone perform and so welcoming to take pictures. My boy @HeliosHussain got a chance to get a snap a shot together after performing his new track Illuminati, The Eye Of Insanity, and another track I didnt get the name of it. You wouldve thought the last song was truly a banger that night. I Saw #TeamLiquidFlow in the building too represented by @Stacyej x @YungSnazz. Was able to see a lot of supporters out there too and let me tell you everybody was Fly AF out there. My man @CrackKillz held it down to for the IVYLC performing Pay It Forward and No Bragging. @YoSkyy came through and performed as well. Even saw @AmsFresh there too in her Jordan 6's White/Red. @NolanTheNinja got to perform a track from off his latest offering Ninjatown. @Retrofamous got on next to perform and killed it immediately with his new tracked prod by @MicToddJr. Then performed a track that was called Aint Scared Of Shit which was dope to see him perform that one. After all of this the man of the hour @_Zamar comes out and performs a little and the he performed Motorclub joint with @SammyboiTheIsh x Aint Shit Tish x @A_Minus313 x @MCityJr in which they KILLED IT!!! It was OMAZING at the Bottega that night. The Raiders x Treeleaders x @RichyMarciano Closed the show for us and KILLED IT as well!!! Overall the event was a hit and I cant wait to go to my next one. Check out the Pics and Video below


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