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Friday, September 7, 2012

@BigSean Discography

So in light of Sean dropping his latest mixtape Detroit we decide that we would put together his collective work as an artist since day one in #AliusMagazine's Discography section. We respect artist with a passion for music and entertainment. Sean is no different from anybody in the industry. He's proven time and time again as to why he deserves the spot hes been given by Kanye and that he's been holding it down since '05. He's been holding down for the city and his team FFOE's Say It Aint Tone, Earl Mac, and Key Wayne since day one as well. Sean has had an amazing first start to his career and he always thanks God, family and friends for helping him keep a leveled head through these times of new artistry when this time is most crucial in an artist 'first steps' in the game. All we can say is that Sean really is a hero in the city of Detroit and gives everybody that fire to do and be better in what they do. Check out #AliusMagazine Discography's newest entry @BigSean The Don....Oh God!

Finally Famous Vol. 1: The Mixtape (2008)


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