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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

@ChaseNCashe x Heir Waves (Artwork x Tracklist)

Man ever since The Heir Up There I've been waiting on some new CNC man and FINALLY the Rap Gods have answered our long awaited prayers and released Heir Waves. Looks like it's gonna be 16 tracks of some more Wavy s**t. Cant wait to hear it Chase! Check out the tracklist after the jump.......
01. I’m The Man 2.0
02. Dope Dealer
03. Anita Dollars
04. I Don’t Love These Heauxs (feat. Troy Ave)
05. Pretty Tony (feat. Jerreau (of Fly.Union)
06. Fuck With You
07. Previously Owned (feat. Trouble & Lady G)
08. Die With Money
09. You Ain’t On It (feat. Smoke DZA)
10. F&D
11. Rolex Watches (feat. Ray Jr)
12. M.D.M.B.
13. P.G.
14. Me & My Drugs
15. I Can Do That
15. Hacefrio
16. My Own


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