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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

@iAmMahd x Mahd Almighty Album Review

"Powered by the God...This is the Almighty Mahd!" - Foundation. I've been knowing @iAmMahd for a while now since we did our first #CoolKids interview back in 2011. Since then Mahd has been busy and getting local radio spins as well as appearing in AC3 x SXSW and performing everywhere. Mahd is a special talent and this project definitely shows that. Here's the album review of Mahd Almighty. Check it out after the jump......

So the album starts off with the self titled track Mahd Almighty Prod. by @NoSpeakerz and poet Mic Write. Its a great start to the CD with Mic speaking to us saying "Let my music be an altar." which is pretty powerful now that artist have a big voice and influences unknown to themselves sometimes. Then the beat is fading in as Mahd says "Welcome...You're here....Mahd Almighty.... I'm glad you could make it...Sit down grab a drink enjoy." next the beat drops with this crazy guitar riff and bass going HAM! next we jump into the next track which is another one of my favorites called H.W.P.O. which stands for Hard Work Pays Off and is definitely what the song is embodying saying "I did this with a sober mind...Cuz I'm workin overtime." That's telling me already that this is something you've been grinding so hard for and it's finally paying off. Another memorable track off this album was Consequences. This was actually a deep track kinda of like some Kendrick Lamar type thing. Now I'm upset that Mahd did songs like Red Lipstick and Slow Dance. I only say that because the CD itself is all Hip-Hop and just sounds like these songs were an attempt to get a female audience, in which you need don't get me wrong, but what I'm saying is that maybe a different CD. Not this one. Continuing through we here a track that was released ealry before the album dropped which is Foundation. This is a track Mahd just spazzed on and had fun recording. You can hear it in his voice how much enthusiasm he's giving off to you as he's rapping. Another @NoSpeakerz production that wnet well which Mahd sounds particularly amazing on...Food for thought? Finally we reach the end of Mahd's CD with the track Don't Stop. All I can say is great track to end a great album. This is definitely a dope album and I want everyone to go RIGHT NOW and download it from his website at


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